Mathieu Cocq

President and CEO of SFR

« A unique conference that oscillates between determination and emotion, with finesse, authenticity and humour. Everyone comes out of this moment of exchange changed and grown. Thank you to Theo for his inspiring testimony, which strongly echoes Altice France’s commitment to inclusion and diversity, and which fascinated us all. »

Xavier Chardon

President of Volkswagen Group France

« We had the pleasure of welcoming Theo to Volkswagen Group France during our annual all-employee meeting in January 2023. Through a poignant testimony, with communicative energy and a touch of humour, Theo took us to the heart of his challenges and his extraordinary journey.
A model of courage and excellence for all of us, a steel mind and an unfailing desire – so many lessons on surpassing oneself and the ability to move forward that touched and inspired us. »

Hugues Brasseur

General Manager of Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine

« We met a very motivated and determined young man. His dynamism and enthusiasm are a source of energy for all project leaders. His video testimonials were much appreciated by all. »

Francois Gay-Bellile

President, Coca-Cola France

« Théo is the perfect embodiment of the sporting values that are so dear to Coca-Cola. His appearance at our annual convention was appreciated by everyone and will remain one of the highlights of what is a major event for Coca-Cola in France. »

Yohann Caillot

General Manager at Unilever's Cogesal miko plant in St Dizier

« Talking to Théo just put our everyday problems into perspective and showed me how we can make a difference in our lives. A big thank you from me and the whole team at the factory for the amazing discussion we had. »

Anne-Dauphine Julliand

President Association "Ce qui compte vraiment"

« With simplicity and authenticity, Theo was able to share his courage and energy with the 2,500 young people attending the conference. An unforgettable testimony that reminded everyone of what really matters : making a difference into a strength. »