the new challenge of Theo Curin

A legendary race in the land of caimansNovember 13, 2022

A mythical race

On November 13, Theo will participate in the Santa Fe-Coronda Aquatic Marathon, an open water swimming race of about 57 km that links the cities of Santa Fe and Coronda in Argentina. Created in 1961, this race takes place every year in the Coronda river and gathers the best international swimmers in open water (about 30 swimmers, men and women combined).

A tailor-made preparation

Rigorous preparation is the key to the success of such an event. Technical efficiency, physical and mental strength are essential assets to meet the intensity and demands of this aquatic marathon. To set up this optimal accompaniment, Theo will be surrounded by a whole team.

Stephane Lecat, director of the French Open Water Swimming Team, is the coach of the project. Having himself won this mythical race 4 times, there could be no better coach than him for this challenge. He knows all the characteristics and difficulties, and can prepare Theo to approach and apprehend the race at best. He is in charge of Theo’s training schedule and will also be by his side during the race, to ensure the supplies on board a follower boat and to adapt the race strategy.

Bilal Bourazza is the physical and mental trainer who will accompany Theo throughout his preparation. The intensity of the race and the duration of the efforts to be made during the 57 km require regular physical training but also specific mental preparation in order not to break down during the most delicate moments of the race.

A strong social dimension

Through this new challenge, Theo will be keen to raise awareness among the local population about disability, to the acceptance of the difference… subjects that are particularly close to his heart. 

Theo has therefore decided to involve 2 young people with disabilities who will accompany him on site.

An environmental commitment

Beyond the sporting and social aspects of this new challenge, Theo wanted to bring a strong eco-responsible dimension to it. The team is currently in discussion with the organizers to see how we could help them to set up new eco-responsible solutions.

Project schedule

  • Since January 2022: Training and physical preparation
  • From September 1, 2022: Increased swim training pace (5-6 sessions per week)
  • October 2022: 10 days of intensive training in the West Indies
  • November 7-8, 2022: Departure for Argentina
  • November 13, 2022: Santa Fe – Coronda Race
  • November 15, 2022: Return to France


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